And How You Can Look 10 Years Younger:
In A Day, Without Risky Surgeries Or Spending Thousands
If you are frustrated with your thin, crappy, broken or over-processed hair, or your hair just isn't like it used to be when you were young, then you PROBABLY have at least thought about using hair extensions to fix this problem... 
And perhaps your "hair problems" HAVE been on your mind for sometime… 

But maybe people have told you there are no solutions for you? Or have tried to get you to consider "less-safe" options?
So then, you're just stuck... wishing  you could do something about it... 

...Because you're just living day after day with the same crappy hair, the same frustrations, the same 'blah' feelings about your look?

Or maybe by now... you've just given up hope altogether?
If you’re remaining hopeful for a solution to come to you, you may be considering:
  •  Drugs or supplements to help you "get your hair back" or "grow it longer." (Although this can take years, if ever you were to get real results from it.)
  •  The "only" solution (or "latest, greatest") being peddled at the closest, local salon. (And you as the guinea-pig?)
  • Researching every single method and product available to you including watching every video created until you find the answer for you. (This could take years and make your brain mush but you still should do it.)
  •  Trying solutions you are spending thousands on (only to have caused more damage to your hair?)
I’ve been where you are.

There was a day and time that I hated my hair. 

I remember looking at girls with beautiful, long, full hair and I was just so sad that I couldn’t have hair like that…

Or should I say, that I didn’t have hair like that...

Because, if fact, even though I could have that hair,

I just didn’t know that I could. 

Or how I could. 

Or that I would.

But… (and follow me on this crazy journey... lol)

I would, in fact, would... 

And you’ll be happy that I did.
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Get great hair looks you love (and always look fresh and on-fleek) and NEVER struggle for new and current looks day after day.  
Why your decision to hang out with me a little longer is probably a great idea for you. Let's make sure we are a PERFECT match before you join, get the system and all the other goodies I have laid out for you...
When I discovered hair extensions, there wasn’t much to choose from.

This was the 1980’s. 

When I was 17, I first discovered a long wavy ponytail on a banana clip. Maybe you remember those? (If you’re my age, you might.) ;-)

And yes, it looked a little not-so real. And the buff boy in his own banana apparel at a male dance show I was at (I’m sure I was 18 by this point) gave it a little tug because he knew it was fake and found it his place to say something... 

How lucky am I he didn’t pull it right off my head! 

How embarrassing that could have been...

But even so, on the bright side, (there’s always a bright side to everything, yes?) would play a critical part in my life, in my tale of hair adventures.

How about you?

Are you wearing noticeable hair extensions? Or do you worry about noticeable hair extensions?

You’ll be glad that I had that embarrassing moment with an (almost) naked dude (they call it a banana hammock, that piece of apparel he was wearing, funny and coincidental, right?) because, unbeknownst to me at the time, it helped me to know what I wanted when I created my own hair extension decades later.

Because, you for sure weren’t going to see my product in the hair...

You wouldn’t notice it, let alone anyone else noticing it, half naked or not. 

My hair extension would be discreet, well blended. 

It would LOOK like natural hair that is growing from your head. 

No guy was going to see it, feel it, be bothered by it. That was a RULE.

Did you think hair extensions are just for Hollywood? For celebrities? Strippers? Glamour girls?

Nope. They are for everyone. 

And anyone who is like me and is frustrated with thin, limp, broken, over-processed and generally yucky-looking hair.

I’m just like you in that way. My hair was processed, because I love to change the color, which caused it to become weak and break. Over a long period of doing this, the hair gets shorter and shorter. And you don’t think there is a way to fix it. Maybe you think you have to go and cut it all off and start from scratch?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that. That there is a better way with better results. 

And guys hate short hair on girls. 

So. Just. Don’t. Do. It. 

(Cut it, that is.)

Okay then, we look for another solution. 

And, like me, you go looking for a hair extensions. 

And maybe you start online. 

Probably, you start online. 

Or with someone you know who says, “I know someone, go here.”

And then you go to the salon and the stylist starts peddling whatever method she is trained in, whatever that salon is selling at the time. Sometimes they get on fads and you’re left to wonder what do I get? Tapes, fusion, link… And you just get whatever because, after all, they are the experts, right? Not you.

And really, you just get so excited you don’t even think to ask, what happens next? How do they come out? 

And then, many weeks or months pass and you’re trying to take these things out and the stylist is pouring acetone all over your head. And it doesn’t feel good, all the pulling and she has the music just cranked in the salon because here’s something you might not have expected…

She’s back there… 

And instead of de-tanging your hair from the glue they put in many months ago, she’s doing a little “snip, snip” with the scissors.


I’ve heard the cold and calculated, heart-less confessions myself. Cutting out an extension because “they don’t have a choice.”

Oh no, no, no. Not happening with my hair!

Because none of this takes place with ManeMaxx®. 



It isn’t glue. And you don’t need or use chemicals to remove it from the hair.

So why ManeMaxx® then?

Because I know you need it. 

Just like I did. 

And here’s how I came to figure that out…

I did that same thing you did. 

I went to the local salon and just had whatever they were putting in and I was really lucky. Because there wasn’t glue or metal or really harmful things in the hair extensions they put in my hair.

There was only a pretty big bill.

Well, big for a divorced momma with 3 kids at home. 

And in a failing economy with a business in the housing market, ugh.

So, after a while, I could barely pay my light bill let alone a luxury bill like the salon.

And here’s the sucky part, too: Once you solve a problem (like having short, broken, thin hair) and then later, have to go back to that problem, you’re almost worse off…

Because now you know the feeling of fixing it. How good it feels to solve a problem that's nagged at you for a very long time. 

For me, when I had no hope for my hair it was tolerable. It’s one of those things you just think “must be.”

But now, I’ve learned about the fix, experienced it first-hand, felt great, and was very happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

And I can’t keep getting them now? I just have to go back to the way things were, you say?


I was a big baby about it and became desperate to fix my hair again. There was a lot I was giving up in this terrible economy episode and the thing that really bummed me out was my hair. (I had the love and my family, and little else--including lack of money--seemed to bother me.)

So here I am spending all my free time trying to figure out what to use. Researching methods and techniques, reading all about why girls hated one thing or another about the hair extension they happened to be using at the time…

And the thing is, when you’re looking through all these techniques, you’re head is spinning with questions like, “why is someone using glue in their hair?” or "why are they slathering awful smelling and burning chemicals all over their head?"

And, why would girls suffer being poked by metal links? Or, letting them slice their hair from the root?

I sort-of never figured that out except for the fact we are really desperate for the amazing results hair extensions give us so we are willing to give up something to get that. 

Except, I can’t see how giving up more hair for hair is even a good result. (It’s maybe how I feel about slot machines. You just keep putting money to get money out but, statistically, most times end up with less money and still, people keep filling those machines… Don’t do this either. Spend your money on something better for you, like your hair -- LOL) :-)

Okay, so I’m not a scientist. And I don’t think any of those other "hair extension inventors" are either…

Because all this stuff they’re using, I see, comes from the garage. Glue, metal cylinders with pliers, fishing string…

That’s all garage stuff, really.

So guys....

Can there be a better way?

A logical way?

A way that will not be futile and work against you by causing you to lose your hair because you added hair?

Of course. You wouldn’t be asking otherwise, right? (See! You are so smart and oh so savvy!)
Because, yes, even with all these hair extension nightmares, 
you do just LOVE the idea of “someday” getting the amazing results they offer you, right?!
And you know that NOW, there is a way...

Because I worked tirelessly, you guys, day after day, month after month, year after YEAR

…to perfect a product for you to accomplish this...

One that is NATURAL.

One that uses NO GLUES or FUSION.

One that needs no CHEMICALS or oily CHEMICAL SOLVENTS to remove…

One that did not tear out your hair, rip it or break it.

And most importantly, one you could manage yourself, at home, if you want to..

Or, if, like me, you’re on a budget that forces you to…

ManeMaxx® came along to meet a need for me. 

And soon after creating it, I had my longer, fuller hair back again. 

But I wasn’t out of the fiery trials yet.

Because my bills were still piling high with no way to pay them.

My mortgage was many months behind and I didn’t know how I would catch up.

Yes, my hair problems were good. 

I was fixed, had my long hair back, but my bank account was not good.

And I was at a really bad point in my life. One in which I ended up in a line at the food shelf. And it was the next most embarrassing thing for me (after the half naked guy pulling on my ponytail) because the woman working there recognized me (I have no idea to this day how, it’s not like I’m famous or anything lol) but she points and she says, “hey, you’re that author.” (And I stuffed all this into one big paragraph hoping you’d just skip over my embarrassing life detail.)

Because, oh God, I wanted to hide. What a terrible representation I was of myself at that point. 

I went home and I cried. 

Then, I screamed. 

At God. 

And I was like, "God! YOU said I would have the desires of my heart! And now look at me! I am a total embarrassment to myself, my family and to YOU!"

And that very next morning, as I was waking up…

A story came to me. 

It was the story of a poor farmer whose farm would not grow crops so he had to sell the farm to feed his family. 

The men who bought it found the land to be full of oil so, in all actuality, the farmer could have fed his family (and more) had he, too, accessed the riches on his land.

Then as I was ponding the story, a message came to me.. 


So, this was how I would stay out of the food shelf line and feed my family? This is your plan for me, my high-in-the-sky maker?

Okay great. But here’s another problem…

I don’t know anything about HOW TO DO THIS!

And then I wondered, can I even do this

But thought, what if I did do it?  What would that mean for my family?

And so, I began to study everything I could about marketing online, having a store, selling a product. I did not fall down any rabbit holes. I kept it all pretty basic, well, because I had to. I put up an order page and low and behold, made my first sale. 

From there, I worked with girls online, in a forum and created a really nice little referral system. The bills were paid, my family was fed. I caught up the house payment and all was well, or so I thought because girls were loving my product and talking about it, everything stayed pretty normal with it as a nice online business for a few years, UNTIL one day…

POOF! That whole forum was gone!

And POOF! My sales numbers went down BIG-TIME.

Fortunately, by now, the housing market had recovered and my husband was doing fine in his business so there was really no impending huge danger like my last career and financial blow but, because of this, my hard work.. it seemed it was just wasting away.

And eventually I found myself in another familiar place. Wondering what to do with this company and product. How to market it, where to go from here. 

But I remembered, how my customers stayed with me and helped me in the beginning, as I made attempt after attempt to build a business and market a product with no real expertise in that very arena. 

And those beautiful customers inspired me...
Because  in spite of the stuff that can (and most times does) happen with your first attempts… 

There is still NOTHING more rewarding than pushing through and getting this done for yourself and then seeing that change in the mirror for the first time.
So that's what I remembered, that I just had to put forth the action and see what I could do, like you, I needed to try...
  •  You will pass by the mirror and be pleased with what you see reflecting back at you, a person who takes chances and makes changes, solves problems. 
  •   Friends, your spouse, partners, co-workers, and your family will notice a wonderful change in you, your look and will compliment you time after time. It will never get old for you to hear how great you look.
  •  Your BEST look is happening all of the time, even when you just get up and toss in a ponytail. Fuller hair just looks better...
  •  And you will SAVE time and resources when your hair is looking and feeling awesome day after day even because you have less washing and styling, which means less cleansing and styling products to buy.
$0-strand Volume Boost with Hair Extensions
Because , for me, the messages were clear. When I read through them, it was clear to me at my customers love this product. They love the method and many have even begged me to never let it just go away…

And I love my hair extensions, too. 

I want to wear my hair forever. And I’m 100% sure I will. 

Recently my pre-teen son and I had a conversation about this. Like what should I do as I get older, I am a grandma, my hair is turning gray…

I asked him, "should I just give in to it?"

He said, "you should just get gray hair extensions when that happens… keep your hair long, momma."

I chuckled. It’s true what they say about the boys…

They love long hair on their girls. :-)
And, you who may be just considering this right now: if you think you can’t do it, you should remember: I am just like you
And because I can just curl my hair and put it in a ponytail…

I made a method that I could manage. I made it easy to manage. 

That you can manage just like I do. And sometimes if even by accident, you get it right. 

It’s that easy and when you do it right, that rewarding!

And for so much less than the salon.

So, as I am looking through the last 8 to 10 years, I’ve had great-looking hair and you guys should know I’ve saved over $15,000 in my hair extension wear with ManeMaxx®

And you love saving your money, too, right? 

It’s what you’re telling me and I want to deliver that to you...
Applying hair extensions strands
Because with the right system and step-by-step training from me, 
you’ll be able to:
  •  Spend so much less on your hair extensions and extension appointments. 
  •  Never waste thousands of dollars on products that damage your hair more. 
  •  Prepare for oodles of compliments from your spouse, partner, co-workers, your kids, your friends.
  •  Never worry about what you're going to do with your hair last minute and before a big event.
  •  Be assured your effort is never futile. That every bit of energy you put into your hair extensions will pay you back a millionfold in how you feel about yourself and the confidence you'll gain. You will master the look that's needed to get noticed and seen by those around you. I've been told of guys falling all over themselves offering their help to one of our customers and compliments galore on Facebook from friends and peers, husbands taking notice, and so much more! (And this never happened to these users before using the hair extensions..)

Even though it feels like a lot sometimes, we remember the reward. 

And that it’s the difference between you hating your thin, limp, crappy hair when you pass by the mirror and confidently smiling at the person you see reflecting back to you.. 

But you might be wondering, who am I to tell you what's best for you and your hair?
When I wanted to feel better about my hair, I asked my friend, Tiffany Twist, for help.
"No one knows hair extensions better. I am so glad someone was as frustrated as I was with hair extensions. Because of her, I could easily accomplish what would have cost me more than $2000 in my local salon. This method is easiest, the hair is beautiful and long-lasting. I've tried everything and had nothing but problems and now, I love my hair!

Now, I can show you everything I know. Easily, and in 1 place so you don’t have to looking around for all kinds of information.

I’m your girl. Your go-to. Your go-to girl. 

I will help you every step of the way and once you’ve got this…

You have the knowledge forever. 

Hair problems are so solved

Just smiles as you pass by the mirror. Just smiles from your guy, your kids, your co-workers. 

Strangers even will smile at you and you’ll know why. It’s not often such a beauty passes by during their day. Because most times, people’s hair just sucks. Boring, limp, lifeless hair on all our heads. That’s what everyone sees when they look at us. 

You guys need ManeMaxx® HAIR EXTENSION CLUB in your life. 

I know I (and a many other girls who wear this) could NEVER live well without it.

Maybe a few of your pictures the last few years have sucked? Because your hair has sucked? 

Well, that’s changing now.

That changes today when you join the ManeMaxx® HAIR EXTENSION CLUB.

Even just a handful of strands will transform your look. 

You’ll be so surprised and happy.

"I am a hairstylist and I have tried every single type of extensions on myself and on others. Until this product I didn't think it was worth it to put extensions on me or anyone else, this product however, I will recommend this to all of my friends, family, clients and all other hairstylists out there USE THIS PRODUCT!” –Amanda
"It is the best product out there. Any other system just ruins the hair or you have to buy expensive clip-in's that do not look that great - plus they fall off... Tembond is the greatest hair extension system ever!! I researched so many types of extensions and the application process and nothing beats Tembond. I would recommend this product to anyone that has always wanted to have extension, but were too scared to try it!” –Erica
"I have had many high priced extensions and feel this is less maintenance and better product for the fraction of the price. ManeMaxx is the place if you want hair extensions that will last and last. No shedding, and I can use most of my favorite products. LOVE this!” –Rita
"This is a remarkable product, all its claims may seem too good to be true but they are all true. Not only is the Tembond an awesome bonded product, I found Manemaxx's word is also bond! Thank you so much for creating a true and trustworthy product!” –Gloria
"Tiffany was a pleasure to work with, answers my questions in a timely fashion, is always there for you every step of the way if your having any difficulties with installation using the tembond procedure, I love love love my new hair, my new look... finally long gorgeous hair, believe me I have used other hair manufacturers and this by far blew them all out of the water...” –CG
So when others realized they could work with this product quickly and easily, saving thousands over salon methods, these girls started taking notice. 

“Wow, that’s so awesome I can do this!” 

But when they found out they could wear their extensions much longer, safely, and do everything they wanted to do in them, such as sleep, swim in pools, workout at the gym, wear their hair in high, tight ponytails, wash it, wear it..
They really did the math on the time and money they were saving and were overwhelmed by the awesome results. They were saving hundreds of hours per year and tens of thousands over a few years of being a ManeMaxx® HAIR EXTENSION CLUB member.

And when you think of that money you didn’t have to spend for your great results and no regrets when you're pouring burning acetone all over your head trying to remove your “awesome" fusion hair extensions… 

You're so freaking excited because that means you can spend that money you saved on something else, or save it... Just like you're saving your hair, wink wink.

Because ManeMaxx® doesn’t use GLUE (yes, you do realize fusion is HOT GLUE and cold fusion, NAIL glue/polish. Hint: You don’t want to use those in your hair!) 
3 AwFUL Myths That Keep You From Having The Beautiful Head Of Hair You Had Or Always Wanted.
  • MYTH 1: All extensions are bad...
  • MYTH 2: You have to go to a salon and pay thousands for extensions.
  • MYTH 3: Only celebrities and glamour girls wear extensions.
So, Are You FINALLY Ready To Learn More & DO THIS?
And more importantly…are you ready to learn how to SMASH the learning curve that make some of these attempts to apply your own extensions total disasters, and instead learn and implement the EASY step-by-step system that I’ve personally used to look great every day for many years while saving over $15,000 in my hair extension installations and wear?
And my daughters both have saved thousands on their hair extensions, too. As a family, we've saved over $50,000 in hair extension appointments, not to mention my girls apply them (along with ons of other stylists out there) and make a ton of money with them, too.

Their talent with the extensions exceeds everything I thought this system could accomplish...

And I can teach you that, too. 

ManeMaxx® HAIR EXTENSION CLUB is a hair extension system and community of users that can help you look like an instant Instagram-hottie.

I will show you how:

- To prepare your hair for natural looking hair extensions.

- To choose your best color and style blend and how much hair to use.

- To apply the longest lasting strand-by-strand hair extension from the comfort of your home or in the salon.

Even if you:

- Have never worn hair extensions let alone even put one in your hair.

- Had bad results from other products you've used.

- Have little confidence you can do it or that it will work for you. (My girls thought this same thing and you can't believe what they can do now!)

Best DIY hair extensions results
The complete ManeMaxx® system and step-by-step instruction for applying your hair extensions in the privacy of your own home, if you want to. Fix bad haircuts, fill-in thin hair areas, get longer hair, get fuller hair, just add a few highlights or color... I will show you how to do it all within your MMU membership site.  Plus, you'll get a whole lotta great tutorials in my Hairstyle Hacks™ site. From this day forward you will LOVE what you see in the mirror. It's my promise to you.
 And there's no need to worry about what happens next because...

When you want to remove your ManeMaxx® extensions (whether that be weeks or many months later...)

You just have to take the small attachment in your hand and bend them back and forth to break up the bond. The extension releases itself from your hair and a gentle tug removes the extension.

Easy, peasy. And safe. Because it’s gentle.

That’s ManeMaxx®.

That’s what I’ve done for you guys. 

Not easy to come to, though. It’s been a long, treacherous, hard, hard road for me to get this to you guys…

And the only saving grace is my hair looked great all the while. Which made me happy. And happy people accomplish more, right? 

Which is why I’m just like you…

I've solved my hair problem so I can be happy and do good things in the world. 

You guys can, too:

Do your hair (1) 

...then (2) do good things. :-)

  • Shows you how to use, apply and care for your hair extensions from beginning to end, and then re-use and re-apply them, if and when you want to.
  • Takes you by the hand and visually shows you what you can accomplish in a safe and gentle manner for your hair and health using a natural and non-toxic product. (The others using glue, metals, harmful chemicals cannotclaim that!)
  • Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about hair extensions, to getting beautiful, fuller, filled-in, voluminous or longer hair from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  •  Sticks with you through many months of wearing and caring for your hair extensions all the while offering support and coaching that gets you to the pro level of strand-by-strand hair extensions.
Here’s What You're Going To Get IN YOUR KIT…
  •  TemBond® Warmer: Small and compact wax warmer with adjustable heating you will want to have to keep temperatures where they need to be. Keep it on your counter and ready to use when you need it.
  •  TemBond®: Choose blonde or brunette to start. Each piece allows for up to 2-3 applications depending on the density of the application. Volume boosts will see up to 5 applications or more.
  •  Tool Kit: A handy hair guide and clip, butterfly clip, stir spatula, removal comb and brush.
  •  Instructions Manual: Easy to read & follow, graphic filled 
  •  DVD: Change the icons in the settings
  •  Peek-A-Boo Storage Box: Neatly store your items between use.
And to make sure you REALLY do feel supported and guided every step of the way, you'll get 3 months FREE access to MMU.

Plus these
(Value $1297)
High quality, full color instructional videos the general public and non-member customers do not have access to.
(Value $997)
This is a high level of connection with Tiffany and her team. The ManeMaxx members group is a great, safe place to learn and become inspired to create and execute your own hair extension looks. Make friends, help others, this is what community is about.

Your visits to this Facebook group will soon be fun and inspiring to you when you:
  •  Find ideas and inspiration from your peers and social interest group.
  •  Get help selecting colors and picking out styles.
  •  Ask questions and troubleshoot with others who have been there.
  •  Be supported in every way shape and form as you navigate through these sensitive hair issues. This is a community of support and love in a trusted group setting where Tiffany and her team assist in all matters concerning hair extensions. (And sometimes we talk about some other stuff, too...) ;-)
(Value $999)
In here you'll find all my best Hair Style Hacks
Your All Access Pass includes: 
  •   Long SuperModel Hair Hacks 
  •   Up-do Hacks
  •   Formal Look Hacks
  •   Wedding Hair Hacks  
  •    Sleeping Hair Hacks
  •    Limp Hair Hacks
  •    SO MUCH MORE!
I’ve designed INSTA-GORGEOUS HAIR CLUB to walk you through every part of the process when it comes to doing your hair--what you need to know about preparing your hair, how-to apply the hair extensions, and step-by-step care for making sure you have the longest, best wear from your hair extensions! 

But to make it even easier for you, I’ve created this special bonus package that helps you fast track your hair extension success. As always, my goal is to get you your hair looking better and you feeling better as quickly as possible. While “Insta-Gorgeous Hair” has everything to get you there, I think these special bonuses will mean everything to you as you really take in all that ManeMaxx® has to offer and can do for you. Because I've set it up for your success, you'll get the faster, even quicker than so many of my already thrilled and happy customers.

This special bonus package is only available for a limited-time so be sure to sign up before the offer ends! You won’t want to miss out on them! They are a great offer for you.. One you want to take advantage of now...
So what would it be worth to you and your HAIR if...
  • – You could wash and style your hair less than you do with the hair extensions and save a ton of time each day?
  • – You can wake up with yesterday's style and still look great, actually walk out the door in minutes instead of standing in front of the mirror every day frustrated over what you have to work with?
  • – You could watch your hair grow thicker and longer and become more healthy with a safe, natural hair extension that allowed you to wear a style longer and wash and heat your hair less?
  • – That while you were wearing the extension and waiting for your hair to become healthier, you looked great, day after day, month after month with just that one single application?
  • – You could save a ton of money on your hair extensions and hair products while wearing a long term solution for getting your hair to look great while you are getting it back in shape?
Will show you what a safe, natural permanent hair extension looks like and how much time it can save you while looking great, always and every day.. 

Insta-Gorgeous Hair Club is everything I have learned over the last decade and everything I've put into this product to make it easier for you. Insta-Gorgeous Hair Club and the TemBond® system has given the very best results for ManeMaxx® customers.
"Give TemBond a try... you won't regret it. For the first time in my life I love my hair!!!” –Jennifer
"its a great system, I have been using it for almost 2 years now, it lasts a long time, doesn't damage your hair, and is easily removed if you want to start again.” –Shelby
"Manemaxx is the best extension method out there, and is easy enough for the novice, yet gives such amazing results- you look like a million bucks!” –Sash
"Manemaxx is the only system i would use. There are no other methods that can guarantee zero damage. I have very baby fine hair and would never want it damaged by glues, tools or chemicals. Manemaxx is also the best for being so cost effective. Saving 100`s 0f $`s on each install instead of salons. Its great that i don't need trips to salons on installing, during wear or removal. And It is so versatile to use. During wear, I can add extra strands, or different colors in whenever i want. Heat the pot up in a few mins, dip the strand, attach and I'm ready to go!” –Debbie
Hair Extension Club Enrollment Fee Waived & 3 Months of Club Dues Paid With Full Access to ManeMaxx Members University (MMU):  
Priority access to all course modules with downloadable videos, cheatsheets and instructional graphics. Value - $651
Instant Access to the Private MMU Facebook Group:  
Where you'll gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback from a friendly and approachable group of like minded individuals.. Value - $497
ManeMaxx Starter Kit in Blonde or Brunette or ½ Price Reorder Package Coupon
Choose your system or, if you already have the ManeMaxx kit, you can get your refill products, hair and bond, half price.. Value - $199
Lifetime Access to Best Hair Styles Hacks
Let’s face it, figuring out styles for your hair is not easy. You see a look and want it but how will you execute it? This tool will shoe you how to hack all the best and current styles so that you can look fabulous every time you walk out your door!.. Value - $999
Sample Pack Of Extension Hair
There's a method to this madness and here's a great pack of hair for you to practice your technique. You'll have so much fun filling in, adding volume, highlights, or some fancy colors.. Value - $129
Tiffany's detangling product is awesome and loved by all who use it. Use it for maintaining tangle-free hair extension strands or to freshen your hair between washes, to keep your hair soft and smelling great. It's addicting.. Value - $51
When you add it all up, that’s a total value over $3,000 

And that’s not even counting the unmentioned surprises and bonuses you'll find once you are behind those closed doors and in that inner circle!

But, because I’m super excited to welcome you to our fantastic community (and watch you produce your first ever hair extension look and share in the excitement with you) I want to give you the opportunity to get the ManeMaxx Mastery Pack with all of these awesome bonuses, for the promotional price of just...
Over $3000 in value plus more once you get in, just a one time payment of...
$497 to join the club today
  • MMU & Club Dues Paid for 90 Days - Access to 20% member only discounts, 20+ full-color training videos.
  • ManeMaxx Starter Kit - Bond warmer, light or dark TemBond, instructions, DVD and toolkit.
  • Hairstyle Hacks Lifetime Access - Never, ever tire of your hairstyles. Tons of easy tutorials.
  • Extension Hair Sample Pack - Light or dark extension pack for practicing, or filling in.
  • 3 Bottles Tiffany Twist's UNRAVEL UNWIND - You will love this for maintenance and removal!
100% Secure Payment Processing, You Can Trust Us!
If you have any questions or concerns about the hair extension system or membership program, 
please contact me.
You've Got To Pull The Trigger Now....
I can't leave this offer open forever. We generate stock on a limited basis and sell in limited amounts so that I can work with you personally to achieve the very best look you are after using ManeMaxx®. Because my goal is to get this information to you in a way that will quickly produce the results, I want you to act on this now if you are…
  • Frustrated with your thin, limp, over-processed and broken, crappy hair.
  • Find other hair extension systems completely damaging or lacking altogether and not worth the effort.
  • Wanting to save money by using a hair extension system created by a real person and from the comfort of your home or salon.
If you’re still thinking about it… 

Or if other hair extension methods have left you frustrated and dis-believing... 

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put ManeMaxx® to the test and see the results you can achieve.

So, because of that, I am tweaking my "final sale" policy to give you a full 2 MONTHS to go through the MMU training, get into the private group for coaching, work with the system, and check out your very own work of hair art in a mirror before you make your final decisions on what you're going to think about all this hair extension stuff.

And if you get in touch within those 60 days and I know that you've participated in the club, worked on achieving your own application of hair extensions (yours or someone else's) we've talked over the process, your results, what you were looking to achieve and did actually do and you STILL, for some reason or another, don't see the value, you can send it back to me and I’ll be happy to refund it all for you.

But, you do have to try and work with it and work with me via the private group or Skype to show me what you're doing and what's not working for you. 

Because ManeMaxx® is truly for those who are committed to implementing this safe, natural system for applying and wearing long-term hair extensions, to save money and time from other systems or to see the results we all long for when it comes to our hair. This is not for the lazy, uninterested, half-hearted, negative person who just wants to see behind the curtain for a minute and for free. 

And I will hold you accountable on this - you absolutely must attempt to use the system and practice to get the CORRECT results from your hair extensions to be eligible for a refund. 

There’s an amazing transformation waiting for you behind this curtain and because my main goal is your success, I'm confident in my ability to get you exactly what you are envisioning for yourself and what this system can provide you. Just ask me or my team, we're always available to you.
QYA: A Few More "Questions You're Asking?" 
(Otherwise Known as FAQ)
I'm African American, will this work on my hair?
Yes, it works on any hair. And because of the special circumstances surrounding ethnic hair, you'll be happy to know I've had users successfully keep their hair healthy while wearing ManeMaxx. One African American wearer writes, "Although I cannot use heavy oils on the bonds themselves, I've been able to keep up my hair care regimen which led to good growth -- I oiled my hair..." 
How long will it last?
The extensions will be secure with proper care for many months and the majority of your extensions will stay in until you remove them. I've seen and heard of customers extensions lasting 9-12 months however, removing around  4-6 months is recommended for the integrity and safety of the natural hair.
I'm going on vacation, can I use this?
Yes! I vacation in my hair extensions all of the time. The beach, the ocean, swimming pools are all okay! Proper care instructions during these times, such as wearing a loose braid or pony while swimming, are found in your MMU site videos and tutorials.
How will I know if I'm doing it right?
Once you're in you'll have high-quality videos and graphics at your fingertips. Plus, our private group and additional coaching with other members is a huge benefit. Someone is always ready to help you and guide you and troubleshot when needed. We have additional support through our support tickets, direct email and toll-free 1-800 number, as well. You never have to worry about being alone in this. We've got your back! (Or your head, we should say) :-)
How do I know if ManeMaxx HAIR EXTENSION CLUB is right for me?
If you can say yes to any one of these, you know you are in for results from ManeMaxx® that will make you smile over and over again, each time you pass by the mirror or get a compliment on your look.
  • You are already wearing hair extensions but you worry they may be making your thin, short hair problems worse. 
  • You feel your hair extensions are working against you rather than FOR YOU. 
  • You’ve spent a bunch of time trying to learn how to save money and apply your own extensions but the products available to you frustrate you. 
  • Other products take too long, they look fake or they just don't feel right in your hair.
  • You are willing to invest time and energy into your own look using safe and natural products that won't further harm your hair. (It's definitely easy to learn but you do need to be willing to invest your time for learning and practice to get the very best results.)
  •  You want the fastest track to learn to do this CORRECTLY... and save even more time and money on your hair extensions.
  •  You genuinely care about your hair and the results you will achieve with hair extensions.
  •  You’re willing to give this solution your best effort, and are super excited to fix hair problems that annoying and nagging you...
Then, this is right for you and I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Grab your ManeMaxx HAIR EXTENSION CLUB & Mastery Pack now so you'll be sure to get in my MMU circle and lets chat right away… let me know what your hair needs are and I can’t wait to share with you everything I know and have to help you...

And let me take a sec to say thanks for being on my hair journey with me and thanks for letting me be a part of yours, too! I look forward to the friendship!
XXOO Tiffany
Last chance to get in for this LOW price loaded with VALUE!

Over $3000 in value, plus more once you get in, just a one time payment...
$497 to join today
  • MMU Enrollment & Club Dues Paid for 90 Days - Access to 20% member only discounts, 20+ full-color training videos.
  • ManeMaxx Starter Kit - Bond warmer, light or dark TemBond, instructions, DVD and toolkit.
  • Hairstyle Hacks Lifetime Access - Never, ever tire of your hairstyles. Tons of easy tutorials.
  • Extension Hair Sample Pack - Light or dark extension pack for practicing, or filling in.
  • 3 Bottles Tiffany Twist's UNRAVEL UNWIND - You will cry when these yummy bottles are gone!
100% Secure Payment Processing, You Can Trust Us!
If you have any questions or concerns about the hair extension system or membership program, 
please contact me.
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