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Sometimes we need a little help with our hair. And if you wear hair extensions, you know the right products are important. Hair extensions are expensive and you want to protect your investment.

With my UNRAVEL UNWIND™ you get just that. Not only is this product perfect in a pinch, when you have the worst matted up hair and tangles for whatever reason, it's gentle enough to use each time you wash, to ensure tangle-free hair until you wash again! 

We know it's better to wait a few days between washings and, because of that, I use UNRAVEL UNWIND™ each morning to spruce up my hair (it smells great!), to help comb things out and get my hair looking silky and fresh without a full wash.

Worst of all situations possible in hair life, there may be a stylist who wants to cut out your hair matting and I am here to say, don't let that happen! You can comb out tangles and matted hair easily (and gently) with my UNRAVEL UNWIND™.

You are really going to love this product. I am excited about the results I am getting and you will be, too! I am going to give you this product, and, if it doesn't work for you, send it back to me, no questions asked!
"This product is amazing. I use it on all my clients when I remove their hair extensions and tangles slip apart with ease. Way to go, Tiffany!" -Stephanie D, WEST COAST HAIR®

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